Flipkart Vendor Agreement

According to a report by ET, Flipkart India, along with eight or nine other vendors, is becoming a service provider for major suppliers and alpha sellers like Konde Products & Services. The report states that Flipkart`s agreement states that it will „identify and hire third-party inventory supply suppliers. Negotiate, enter into and manage relevant agreements with these suppliers on behalf of the customer.“ You can create your own terms and conditions and it will be easy for you, but if you want to create a contract format, you can download the agreement format from the ecommerce provider on the Internet. You may not make any negative, defamatory or defamatory statements or comments about us or the name of the brand or domain we use, including the terms Flipkart, Flyte, Digiflip, Flipcart, flipkart.com or otherwise, to damage the image or reputation of Flipkart or the sellers on the Platform or to sell or dilute any Flipkart trademark or Services, Names and/or products related to such trademarks or services, trade names that we own or use. Flipkart reviews agreements with sellers to become a service provider for these sellers and not a wholesale supplier You need to take care of the joint disclosure or clause of an e-commerce contract, you need to write down all the terms and you can make clauses as you wish. The changes come ahead of the revised FDI standards, which are expected to target e-commerce structures and agreements on the seller`s side, Flipkart has no obligation to resolve or resolve disputes or disputes between buyers and sellers. Disputes are filed due to a disagreement between the buyer and the seller. Disputes arise from an issue raised by both parties who are not fully satisfied with the resolution of their complaint or issue. India`s major e-commerce players, Amazon and Flipkart, are now signing agreements with online sellers to set a market operating price for each product. A „Dispute“ can be defined as a disagreement between a Buyer and a Seller in connection with a transaction on the Site. The domain name www.flipkart.com („Website“) is the property of Flipkart Internet Private Limited, a company incorporated under the Companies Act 1956 whose registered office is at Vaishnavi Summit, Ground Floor, 7th Main, 80 feet Road, 3rd Block, Koramangala Industrial Layout, next to Wipro`s office, Ward Corporation No.

68, Koramangala, Bangalore – 560 034, Karakanata, India (hereinafter referred to as „Fkart“). This agreement must also include a price guarantee clause, which means that if a product is sold in another market at a lower operating price than the agreed one, the platform has the freedom to set the price of that product. However, the price difference will be refunded by the Seller and a credit will be issued on the Platform. This document is published in accordance with Rule 3(1) of the Information Technology Rules 2011 (Intermediary Guidelines), which requires the publication of rules and regulations, privacy policies and terms of use to access or use www.flipkart.com website. 5. The wholesale company of the company provides services such as product identification, negotiation and finalization of prices, as well as ordering manufacturers and brands on behalf of the seller. Previously, Flipkart purchased and distributed these goods directly to Alpha sellers, which could be complicated by upcoming changes to the FDI standard. „The service provider must hire the required number of qualified personnel to provide the services at its own expense and expense, and the customer will not be responsible for paying salary payments to such staff,“ says the agreement with Konde, one of Flipkart`s Alpha sellers. India`s major e-commerce players, Amazon and Flipkart, are reportedly currently signing agreements with online sellers to set a market operating price for each product. In this guide, we will tell you about the format of the ecommerce provider agreement, the benefits, and the general disclosure. If you plan to sell your products on the site like Amazon and Flipkart, you`ll need to enter into an ecommerce provider agreement to connect with them.

This article is about the format of the ecommerce provider agreement so that you can get an idea of it. In addition to realigning its deals with large sellers, Flipkart plans to introduce a third layer of seller named Gamma Sellers to reduce the dominance of preferred retailers, who account for a significant percentage of sales on the ecommerce platform. With this step, the company wants to limit the share of sales of each major seller on its platform to 5%. In case of disagreement, the buyer can write to dispute@flipkart.com, while the seller can write to ss@flipkart.com to make an argument. Disputes can be triggered at a specific transaction level. To use the Buyer Protection Program, buyers must first contact the seller and try to resolve the issue. If the buyer does not learn anything about the seller or cannot resolve the issue with the seller even after contact, a dispute with Flipkart can be resolved by writing an email to resolution@flipkart.com 4. If the Seller rejects the claim for compensation, the Buyer may raise a dispute by writing to resolution@flipkart.com. Flipkart respects the intellectual property of others.

If you feel that your trademark has been infringed, you can write Flipkart infringement@flipkart.com or ss@flipkart.com. 3. Flipkart is not responsible for non-performance or breach of contract between buyers and sellers. Flipkart cannot and does not guarantee that the buyers and/or sellers concerned will carry out a transaction on the Site. This agreement also aims to include a price guarantee clause, which means that if a product is sold in another market at an operating price below the agreed market operating price, the platform has the freedom to achieve that lower price rate. .